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Rivian recalls 2022 R1T regarding airbag sensor



Perhaps it’s just us but recalls seem to be experiencing the same inflationary pressures that the economy. Rivian is the first recall chart operator after it discovered an issue with its R1T pickup. The OCS, a potentially defective occupant classification system (OCS), doesn’t disable the airbags if a child or child seat is in the front passenger seat. Airbag activation may cause injury to a child sitting in the passenger seat, or in a seat that is attached to it in the event of a crash in R1T. As with many recalls lately, the fault lies in the seat. Hyundai Transys, Farmington, Michigan, provides the seats. According to the company, it has not heard of any injuries in this matter.

This issue could affect 502 units built between September 21, 2021 and April 12, 2022. The company announced that it had manufactured approximately 5,000 vehicles since the factory lines were set up and delivered 2,148 to customers during its first quarter earnings call. This number does not include the R1T. However, it includes an Amazon delivery van as well as some R1S SUVs.

Owners can bring their R1T to one of the 20 Rivian service centers in the country to have a replacement seat installed for free. The company advises that children and infants should not be allowed to sit in front of affected Rivian cars until the replacement has been completed. Automaker will notify owners via phone, text, email, and postal mail. Letters should be out by July 1. Rivian customer support can be reached at 734-855-44345 and mention the recall number FSAM-651. For the most current information, owners can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at (888) 327-4236 and reference campaign number 22V319000.

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