Car a/c Maintenance Tips: Useful Guide

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Car a/c Maintenance Tips: Useful Guide

Improper maintenance and lack of timely replacement of defective components can turn worrisome in due course.  The air-conditioning system may fail all at once, on one fine day, requiring a complete repair. Such a situation can lead to exorbitant expense, which could be averted if you maintain the ac system properly. Being a responsible and the leading automobile showroom and service centre in Kerala, we consider it our responsibility to provide info that could be beneficial to customers. That’s why we have prepared this article regarding car a/c maintenance. Try to comply with the maintenance tips detailed here to maintain the car air-condition in good condition.

Before we proceed to the inspection, repair, and replacement processes, it is necessary to understand the right way to use a/c. You can pursue the methodologies that have been proven to enhance the life of the air-conditioning systems and associated components. Furthermore, it will be useful to reduce recurrent defects and ensure optimal functioning of the system.

Avoid Starting the a/c Directly

Before switching the car a/c on, you must ventilate the car. It will expel the stale hot air inside and fill the car with fresh air. Lower the windows and switch on the blowers in the maximum setting. Once the inside temperature equals ambient temperature, you can close the windows, switch off the blower and turn the a/c on. This helps in cooling the car faster, besides reducing the load on the components.

Park the Car in Shade

Parking the car in shade, with the windows down a bit for air circulation, would be helpful in avoiding high temperature inside. It would be beneficial not only for the air-conditioning systems but also for the overall health of the car. We understand the lack of availability of adequate shaded areas for parking.

Proper Shutting Down Procedure

Practice proper shutting down procedure. Many just switch off ignition keeping the a/c on. This is a wrong practice and must be avoided. Switch off the air-condition with the ignition on. Let the blower function, as it enables evaporation. Shut the blower off only after turning the ignition off.

Car a/c Maintenance Tips

You can increase the life of car a/c and components by observing appropriate maintenance and inspection processes. Detailed here are a few tips that would be helpful in maintaining a/c in good condition.

Regular Usage  of Air-conditioning System

Many believe that reducing the usage of a/c to the bare minimum will be useful for increasing the service life. In reality, the constant functioning will help the components remain healthy. Keeping the a/c off and driving the car with windows open will lead to accumulation of dust inside the car, as well as, a/c ducts. Use the a/c at every climatic condition including summer, even if not frequently.

Regular Maintenance of a/c System

Many of the car users miss out on this one thing. Even though they may be undertaking periodic servicing of the car, they may not be specific about maintenance and servicing of the a/c system. Inadequate maintenance will cause unexpected defects or system failures. The reliable servicing centres might suggest servicing of the air-conditioning system. However, it is common for the customers to ask for a postponement of the servicing to the next time. Procrastination eventually affects the system adversely.

Refrigerant Level Must Be Maintained

Inspection of refrigerant level, as well as, quality of the refrigerant may not be a part of the regular, periodic, servicing. You must direct the technician to include it in the checklist. Refrigerants might be considered the blood of the air-conditioning system. A low level of refrigerant will lead to ineffective cooling, overheating, and other defects in the system.

Replacement of Cabin Air Filter on Stipulated Intervals

Annual replacement of cabin air filters is a mandatory requirement. The air filter will have contaminants, dust, and dirt accumulated over a period. It will result in clogging of the filter, causing ineffective air-conditioning and diminished performance. Moreover, the unhygienic air filter would house antigens and germs. Replacement of filters is essential for both air-conditioning system performance and personal health.

It is cost-effective to observe proper maintenance procedures, rather than repairing after a defect. A faulty component in the system may lead to cascading effect causing a complete failure. It may also necessitate the replacement of the whole system.

Indus motors have been following a systematic servicing process for every car we service and maintain. Accordingly, the technical team inspects and evaluates the condition of each of the systems and informs the customer. So that s/he can decide on the servicing or replacement of the components. As it is said, a stitch in time saves nine.

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