Quick Guide to Getting Rid of Car Windshield Scratches

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Sometimes windscreen scratches appear without warning. It is not something you can avoid. However, scratches may suddenly appear while cleaning the windshield from dirt and grits. A windshield scratch can be a common problem in automotive glass. It is something that will happen many times throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. Knowing your options for windshield scratch repair is crucial to car care and maintenance.

Although a scratch on the windshield is not as noticeable as a ding, it can be more problematic than a crack. They can block the driver’s view of the road and cause visual impairments. To avoid distractions from driving, you will need to eliminate the problem. What caused the scratch to appear? Here are some ways to get rid of windshield scratches.

What causes Car Windshield Scratches?

Glass scratches can be irritating, it’s true. Some scratches are accidental, but others happen because of negligence. To avoid scratches on your windshield, it is important to understand the causes and take preventative measures to ensure that your windshield remains in good condition.


  • Windshield Wipers

It is annoying to hear the blades screeching, but it could also indicate glass damage. The wiper blades’ movements are not smooth and create friction with the windshield. This is probably because there isn’t enough water in the air, or if the wiper isn’t raining. Most of the friction is caused by small particles of dust and debris on the windshield while the wiper moves.

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Wearing out wiper blades could cause scratches to the windshield. These blades are made with a special design that presses against the glass. When the blade is worn, the metal could dig into the windshield’s surface due to the oscillating action. This causes small scratches and indentions on the wiper’s surface. This is why you need to learn how to remove windshield wiper scratch.

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  • Improper Cleaning Method

Cleaning your car may seem like a nice gesture. But sometimes you’re doing more harm than good by using improper cleaning techniques. You shouldn’t use any cloth for cleaning the glass. Some cloths have protruding clothinglines which could cause scratches. You might also get streaks on your glass if you use a dirty cloth to clean tough grits. To clean your windshield, you can use a microfiber cloth that is lint-free. Microfiber wipes clean easily, is super absorbent and streak-free.

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  • Tree branches

You will be able to navigate through unfamiliar terrain with no trees in your way if you drive an off-road all-terrain vehicle. The windshield glass could be damaged by tree branches reaching the road that are too low to reach the car. Drive carefully. Sometimes we protect the paint only from scratches and pay little attention to windshields which may also show scratch marks.

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Can scratched auto glass be fixed?

There are only two options for windshield scratches: you can fix it or have your windshield replaced. Most car owners would prefer the first option and avoid the latter because of the high cost. To determine if the scratch can be removed from your windshield, you can do a fingernail check.

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