Ask AAA: Is lying about a vehicle’s availability a sales tactic?

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By DerrickCalvert

Salespeople will lie about availability, but only if your question is vague

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Selling is all about lying about the availability of a vehicle. Some salespeople will respond to customers who ask vague questions like “Does your company have any used CR-Vs?” and “Does your new Camry Hybrid have a test drive?” This is because it’s easy to lie about.

It’s easy for a salesperson to lie about using CR-Vs, a new Camry Hybrid or other vehicles. Customers are usually not too bothered by the vague question.

It’s difficult to lie about a specific question, especially if it is extremely specific. The person asking the question is searching for something specific. If you lie to them, it’s a great way to cause trouble with your manager.

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  • As long as you ask specific questions, truthful answers will almost always be given.
  • Sometimes salespeople like to torture customers, but it’s usually just that the car is sold.

I’ve seen salespeople tell lies about the car they have, then waste time with the customer to work out details and then call the customer last minute to say “Oops, the car sold!” The customer is disappointed, but the salesperson laughs, and then they move on. This is not a common prank, since most salespeople are too busy or lazy to do this.

If you spend the time to negotiate a deal and then the salesperson calls to inform you that the car is not available, it’s likely they are lying. They don’t have anything to gain from spending time with customers they don’t intend to sell to.

How to keep someone else from buying a car before you can?

There are some things that you can do if you don’t want people buying your vehicle.

Your credit union should pre-approve you. A majority of credit unions will issue a letter to credit you for a certain dollar amount. There are also rules regarding vehicle age and mileage. This letter can give you the confidence to make an offer on car, before financing is finalized. It also helps you move faster.

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Ask for a refundable deposit. Although most dealerships will not accept a refundable deposit it is a good idea to inquire. Make sure that the terms of your deposit clearly state that your payment is refundable. Then, use a credit card to pay the deposit.

Don’t hesitate. Don’t hesitate to take a look at a car that ticks all your boxes. Get the family together, get up early and do whatever it takes to get there.

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Make sure you get an inspection for used vehicles only. An inspection is essential if you are buying a used car. This step can be skipped if the vehicle is factory-certified and/or still under warranty. Locate a local shop that is willing to perform a quick inspection or hire one the many used car inspection service providers.