Aston Martin DBX Luggage Test

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By DerrickCalvert

Does it really matter how much stuff you can pack into the Aston Martin’s cargo space? Yes! Yes! You should at least have two suitcases and enough room to store small dogs and purses. This will be easy in an Audi R8.

Although it is a more extreme version of this concept, the Aston Martin DBX extends it. You will need to transport a lot of distances on rough roads, more stuff or a bigger dog. It’s a family GT vehicle, which I love to think about.

It is so family-friendly! It has a huge wheelbase which allows for amazing back seat space. My 6-foot-3-inch son’s large Britax Boulevard rear-facing car seat fits comfortably in the back of my vehicle. There was enough room for me to sit comfortably in the front passenger seat. It wasn’t difficult to move the car so far ahead. That’s rare. I’ve had to move the front seats of my minivan.

But I am here to talk about cargo capacity. Officially, it is 22.3 cubic feet behind your back seat. It is misleading to claim that there is more. Aston Martin, just like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and other companies, must use a different measurement than the rest of their industry. The capacity of the midcompact SUV range is 22.3 cubic feet. This is comparable to the Mazda CX-30 and Kia Seltos. These have less space than it. It is actually larger than the Genesis GV70 luxury compact SUV which is listed at 28.9. I would not be surprised if it were in the 30s if Aston Martin used a different measurement.

This carpet is ideal for cargo areas. A rubberized floor covering would be smart for your garage.

Like other SUVs, the DBX has a cargo cover. It is not a standard cargo cover. This rigid piece is commonly found in hatchbacks or crossover-coupes that have low rooflines. It doesn’t leave much space between cargo cover and roof. However, this is not true. However, this robust piece is likely used to increase fanciness and reduce sound. It is lined in beautiful leather.

I will test the cargo covers for SUVs I am familiar with, just as I would with any other vehicle.

For the luggage test, two medium-sized roll suitcases (26ins in length, 16ins wide and 11ins deep) are used. There are also two roll-aboard suitcases (24) (24Lx15Wx10D), and one smaller rollboard (23Lx15Wx10D). My wife’s fancy overnight bag (21) is included to add some flair.

The DBX is clearly a coupe-crossover, but unlike the Porsche Cayenne Coupe and Infiniti QX55, which are both taller than the DBX, the liftgate leaves less cargo space for the aft. This gives me more space and allows me to swear less. This pretty, Vantage-like ducktail serves a practical purpose.

The cargo cover is also quite large, especially compared to the Cayenne which is very small. It could hold more items. Although the bag shown above can only fit in, there are plenty of other options. You cannot place the bag further left than the camera, as it will block the liftgate from opening.

Let’s get the leather plank out of our way.

You should stack all bags up to the height of the seat back. There’s still plenty of space. The duffle bag above was used to fill in the gap. You could also fill it with other oddities and ends.

This is more than what the Porsche Cayenne Coupe can hold. It is the closest competitor in concept and execution to DBX. It was also easy to fit in. Similar to the Cayenne, its 17.6-foot volume is the Cayenne. Maybe that’s exactly the measurement Mercedes and Aston Martin use. You never know what this confusion or lackluster consistency could be.

The DBX was even more efficient than the Mercedes GLC or Genesis GV70 in terms of cargo capacity, so it is definitely in the midsize range. It is comparable to the Lexus RX I would say.

These are other cargo-related items…

The DBX, like other SUVs with height-adjustable springs has buttons in the cargo area that can be used to adjust the back for loading and sitting. It is easy to see the heights.

The cargo area can be used to remotely fold the rear seatbacks. There are not simple plastic pulls. This is not a Subaru Forester. Each side has an electronic button.

The buttons to operate the liftgate can be easily identified if you have a Mercedes. Other parts of the switchgear used by the DBX are also available in Mercedes’s parts box. This beats Aston Martins’ Miata door handles, Crown Victoria steering wheels, and Volvo S40 radio controls.

Also, you will notice that the liftgate base is covered.

It is impossible to fit a full-size 22-inch wheel and tire in the back. It’s hard to beat an inflatable space saver in the back.

It’s there. The Aston Martin SUV is more useful than I thought. It is a very useful vehicle. It’s a beautiful, comfortable vehicle that is easy to drive and a well-built cabin. In a road test, we’ll cover more of these features.