6 Car Repairs That You Should Never Try Yourself

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By DerrickCalvert

Cars are a complex machine with many operating parts that can be controlled digitally in the newer models. Before you take your car on a trip, there are some things that the owner can check. The owner should be familiar with basic car maintenance and repair, such as changing the tyres if there is a puncture or checking the oil level. It is dangerous to attempt repairs by yourself or with self-confidence.

Below is a list with 6 repairs that an owner should not do, unless they are trained.

  • Installing Audio System

It is more complicated than just plugging in an audio device to your computer’s USB port. There is electrical wiring involved. If the wires are not connected correctly, it could cause short-circuiting of the system. This could lead to costly repairs and faults. To fix the audio or DVD system, it is a good idea to bring the car to an electrician. It’s also not expensive.

  • Adjusting the Timing Belt

The timing belt, which synchronizes crankshaft and camshaft movement, is an important component of your vehicle. Timing belts control the intake of oil and the opening of exhaust valves. They also close it in sync with pistons. It is not recommended to replace the timing belt, as half the engine might have to be removed. It is difficult to assemble and can cause damage.

  • Suspension

As the car navigates over bumps and potholes, ruts, shock absorbers, and weights provide cushioning. A standard suspension system includes the MacPherson Strut and Solid Axle Setup. It helps to reduce vibrations and ensures smooth rides every time. Each wheel has a suspension setup. However, it is not recommended to replace the coil spring or damper/shock absorber. Incorrect refitment could cause accidents. You may injure your leg or hand by lifting the car with a jack.

  • Windshield Replacement

The windshield provides visibility and protection from wind, rain and dust. It is a skilled job that requires support and training. You must use the correct adhesives and clips to fix your windshield. It is possible for the glass to break if it isn’t fixed correctly. Water seepage can cause damage to electrical circuits, dampen interiors, and make it difficult to drive.

  • Body painting

If a layer of paint is peeling off or there is a scratch on the exterior, some owners may be tempted to purchase kits to restore the shine. It may not be able to restore the original paint color. Second, paint application is expensive and takes patience. It is possible to mess it up and ruin the exterior. Professional mechanics can complete the job with the right spray guns and paint.

  • A/C System Repairing

It is hard to imagine a car today without an air conditioner. It works with a complex mechanical and electrical system. These contain freon gas for cooling, and compressors that draw power from the engine to cool it. Do-it-yourself videos, booklets and other resources can be helpful in recharging gas and repairing the system. However, it is not recommended as leakage can occur and compressor damage can result.