Vehicle Registration Plates – Are Your Plates Worth It?

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By DerrickCalvert

Have you ever wondered what the value of your car’s number plate was? These are some tips to help you find out.

What number of digits does your numberplate have?

The more digits on your registration plate, the greater its potential value.

Is it a word?

Your number plate will be worth something if it spells a word. But how much will depend on what word you use. The more appealing the word is, the higher the plate’s value. You’re likely to be successful if your number plate is a combination of ‘cool’ and’sexy.

Is it a name?

If your number plate spells out a name, both first and last, it will be worth more. The more common the name is, the higher it will likely be worth. You might also want to look for shorter versions of names like ‘Rob’ and ‘Sar.

Your plate’s number will have a significant impact on its value. A ‘Rob” surrounded by 3 to 4 digits or more will have a lower value than ‘Rob, or just ‘Rob.

Even a rare name can be worth thousands of dollars if it is sold to the right person.

Is it a model car?

It is no surprise that registration plates that identify the car’s model are sought-after.

Is it dated?

People like to conceal the age of their cars, so it is almost always worth paying for plates with no date.

It is rare?

Your registration plate’s value could be affected if there are many similar plates available.

What is the value of similar plates?

You can make a good guess about the price of your plate if you know how much a similar plate sold for.

In Great Britain, a “LE55 LEY” was sold for just PS7,000. Your registration plate that spells ‘LE5 LIY’ will likely be worth several thousand more.

Keep an eye out for the media

It’s possible that a new television program or film might make an otherwise worthless plate suddenly valuable.

Changes in slang can be key to your success.

  • Your luck is never known

You can’t be sure, even if it seems like your registration plate has any value. For example, it could be someone’s initials that appear to be random letters.

It will be hard to find a buyer, so your number plate won’t be worth much unless you do. But at the end, goods are only worth what people will pay for them. Finding the right buyer might make your registration plate worth a lot of money.

  • It should be valued

It is best to have your registration plate professionally valued. Many registration plate retailers will value your plate at a nominal fee, or even free. Keep in mind, however, that many retailers of registration plates will offer to value your plate for a small fee or even free.