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All registered vehicles in New South Wales must have a pink slip, or e-safety inspection. A pink slip inspection is required for any vehicle older than five years to renew its registration. If your vehicle fails inspection, you will be issued a pink slip. This will allow you to make any repairs necessary. You should get any work completed within two weeks of the inspection. This will allow you to have your car reinspected at no cost during that time. Remember that pink slips expire six months after issue. It is a good idea not to have the inspection done simultaneously with your car’s registration.

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What is the cost of a pink slip?

It will vary depending on the vehicle you choose, but it is fixed. For a light vehicle, the cost in NSW is $42 and for a motorcycle it’s $23. A pink slip is a letter from your mechanic stating that the vehicle is in good condition and roadworthy. To register your car, you will need this letter if your car is older than five years. The mechanic will inspect your car in order to issue the pink slip. The mechanic will inspect the vehicle and issue either a pink slip, or a list of necessary repairs to make it pass.

Although it is not required to have these repairs done after the car has been inspected by an inspector, keep in mind that you will not be allowed to register your vehicle if you don’t have the pink slip. It is illegal to drive a car without registration or it is not roadworthy.

How much is Pink Slip? How long does it last?

A pink slip for a small vehicle, such as a car, will be valid for six month. Public passenger vehicles are not eligible for the pink slip. To renew your registration, you will need the pink slip report within six months after the inspection was completed. You will need to register your vehicle within six months. You will need to have a pink-slip inspection done on your vehicle every year, depending on how long your registration is. You can check your registration papers to see if you need an inspection.

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What is the cost of a pink slip?

You will usually only pay the $42 standard inspection fee for light vehicles in NSW if your vehicle passes inspection. If your car fails to pass inspection and a pink slip does not get issued, you may end up having to pay more for repairs. Make sure you budget for this. Although you are not legally required by law to have these repairs done, you must register your car if you fail the pink slip inspection.

What is the Average Time It Takes to Inspect a Pink Slip?

The make and model of the car and the size of the car will determine how long the inspection will take. As they need to record any issues they find, the longer the inspection will take. The assessment should take approximately half an hour. It is possible that repairs may take longer depending on how severe or complex the problem is.

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How to Increase Your Chances of Passing

There are many things you can do to improve your chances of passing inspection and getting a pink sticker. Many pink slip inspections fail due to common problems that can be easily fixed or checked. To increase your chances of passing the pink slip inspection, you might give your vehicle a thorough check before you book your inspection.

  • Tyres

When it comes to grip and control on the roads, the tyres play a vital role in the car’s performance. Your car will fail the pink slip test if the tread depth is below 1.6mm or if they have cracks.

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  • Steering

The mechanic will inspect the steering and make sure everything works properly. These issues, such as pulling to one side or unstable steering, or the wheel not turning straight after turning, are all likely to lead to an inspection failure.

  • Lights

Problems with your lights are one of the most common reasons cars fail to pass the e-Safety inspection. Before you go to the inspection, make sure your lights are functioning properly and illuminated. Fix any problems with your lights, such as cracks and loose fittings.