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Automotive technician work environment



Automotive technician work environment

Some aspects of auto repair work are similar from one shop to the next. Other aspects will differ depending on whether the shop is specialized or operates irregular hours. These are the characteristics that you can expect from most automotive work environments.

Work in a garage, shop or other location with concrete floors and high ceilings to accommodate vehicle lifts

The industry is known for its 40-hour work week. Most shops are open between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. You may be eligible for overtime pay if you work weekends.

Access to power tools, hand tools, and air tools such as wrenches. Also, access to the various fluids that make an engines work like motor oil, transmission liquid, antifreeze and brake fluid.

  • To accurately reflect the estimates provided to customers, it is important to observe deadlines and labor times.
  • Respect safety regulations set forth by local laws and shop management
  • Other mechanics are close by
  • Repetition of the same tasks

How to become an auto technician

Automotive repair might be for you if you love working with your hands and learning about mechanical objects. These are the steps you need to follow to become an auto technician.

High school students can learn automotive repair.

Sign up for auto shop classes at your high school along with your academic studies. Computer classes can prepare you to handle the technical advances in modern cars.

Graduating high school with a diploma

Employers will usually require proof of education. A GED certificate or equivalent may be acceptable.

Look for post-secondary and vocational training.

Vocational schools offer specialized training that can be completed in six months. The rest of the training is done on the job. An associate’s degree may be offered in automotive technology. This program can include classes in engine repair, suspension, and power trains. A degree will set you apart from other applicants when you apply for a job.

You can take advantage of internships at car manufacturers or certifications.

Many education programs can lead to a job once you have completed them. Accept internships and certification training whenever possible. This will help you get to know the dealership or shop where you work after your degree is complete.

Purchase a set of tools.

While some shops may provide tools, others will require you to bring your own. Learn how to care for specialized automotive tools so you have everything you need to do the job. Many tool manufacturers offer discounts or payment plans to students and entry-level automotive technicians.

Exhibit enthusiasm during job training.

Whatever task you’re given during a training or internship, you should be positive and eager to learn the skills required.


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